Titanium Wire

  • Product name: Titanium Wires
  • Product Numbers: 1-401
  • Shelf time: 2012-11-15

Product Information

Size:Dia 0.05~6.0mm x Coil
Available Standard: AWS A5.16, AMS
Available Material: GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4, GR.5, GR.7, GR.9, GR.12

Business Information

Capacity (The largest amount of orders, The minimum amount of orders): No limit
Order Cycle: According to the number of orders by client, the order cycle of Titanium Sheets/Plates is 1 month, Tubes is 2 months, others are 2 months or so.
Transportation Modes: By sea.
Packing Modes: Plywood Box
Payment Modes: No limit
Distributor: No