Stainless Steel Fitting


  • Product name: Fittings
  • Product Numbers: 2-501
  • Shelf time: 2012-11-15
Product Information

Type: L/R 90°Elbow/45°Elbow, S/R 90°Elbow/45°Elbow, Straight Tee, Reducing Tee, Cap Stub End, Flange
Available Material: TP304/304L, TP316/316L, TP321/321L
Wall thickness is in accordance with ANSI B36.10 and B36.19 where applicable dimensions are in accordance with ANSI B16.9 MSS.SP43.

Business Information

Capacity(The largest amount of orders, The minimum amount of orders): No limit
Order Cycle: According to the number of orders by client.The order cycle of Titanium Sheets/plates is 1 month, Tube is 2 months, others are 2 months or so.
Transportation Modes: By sea. Client can also designates by sea or by air
Packing Modes: Plywood Box
Payment Modes: No limit
Distributor: No

Production Equipment