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Metal Products

  • Chemical Industry and Petrochemical Industry

Stage Metals boasts production processes that run safely, hassle free and with high levels of precision. These priorities are vital for the quality and quantity of chemical products. Stage Metals’ products are reliable and perfectly suited for use in chemical plants. With our products, one can successfully improve on the profitability and productivity of your systems.

  • Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are devices designed to effectively transfer or (exchange) heat from one source to another. For example, fluid can be used to exchange heat. The fluid could be a liquid, such as water or oil, or it could be moving air. The most well-known form of heat exchanger is an automobile radiator.

  • Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants

Stage Metals is a supplier of metals for nuclear and thermal power plants. Due to the intensity of the operations undertaken at these plants, only the highest quality metals should be used.